Hackathon Timeline

Registration starts

19 April 2023

12:00 AM IST

Registration ends

05 May 2023

03:15 PM IST

Hackathon starts

07 May 2023

10:00 AM IST

Hackathon ends

18 May 2023

01:30 PM IST

Results announced

20 May 2023

08:00 AM IST

Talks and other events

Technical Workshop with Industry Experts

Students will learn about algorithmic trading , backtesting and about spring platform from industry experts.


05 May 2023

04:30 PM IST

Hands On Algorithmic Trading Workshop

"Hands-on Algorithmic Trading Workshop" designed specifically for beginners. This workshop will provide an overview of financial markets, electronic exchanges, and various trading strategies, including automated trading and demo of building Trading Algorithms.


06 May 2023

04:00 PM IST

Workshop on Algorithmic Trading

Students will learn about algorithmic trading and backtesting platform.


14 May 2023

05:00 PM IST